ChickenCrossRoad's FFW Strategy Guide

Welcome to my fast four way (FFW) strategy guide!

Due to popular demand, I have made a guide to layout the basic strategies and tactics I use while playing. This guide is suitable to all levels, beginners to advanced. It starts off very basic (so advanced players may want to skip the first few sections) but gets progressively more advanced. This guide does assume you have basic knowledge of normal chess.

I will now give out random pop quizzes on this guide to all my partners and if you answer incorrectly you may be dumped so pay attention :)

-Dan (chickencrossroad)

Tactics: Dodging
Tactics: Combo Moves
Combo Moves part 2
Combo Moves part 3
Opening Strategy
Middlegame Strategy
Endgame Strategy
Tactics: Sweeps
Tactics: Blocks
Prediction and Timing
Crossing part 2